Winner of the 2015 GQ Grooming Award, the Bevel Shave System promises clearer, smoother skin within just four weeks of use, guaranteed. Many men are plagued with razor irritation — small red bumps on the skin that develop after shaving. To help combat this irritating discomfort, the Bevel Shave System uses an old fashioned single blade safety razor that is specifically designed to prevent the development of these bumps. The five-part system begins with priming oil, which is formulated with olive and lavender oils to help the razor glide smoothly against the skin. Next, the badger brush helps create a rich, protective lather while gently exfoliating for great looking skin. The shave cream itself is formulated with shea butter and aloe vera to soothe, protect, and hydrate the skin before, during, and after your shave. Then, the single blade razor cuts the hair off close to the skin without pushing it under as multi-blade razors tend to do. Guys will finish up with an alcohol-free soothing balm, which cools and repairs the skin so you feel as great as you look. If you’re considering purchasing a membership for the Bevel Shave System, check out Giving Assistant for promo codes and coupons.

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